Outer Line – small sublabel created in 2013 to support the music witch do not meet Frozen Light traditions (mainly for formal reasons: the purpose, design, unnumbered), but anyway interesting and necessary.

Outer Line issues:


Joint release with Endless Winter (Taganrog, Russia) and GS Productions (Moscow, Russia). New album of Hungarian Psychedelic Black Doom Metal band Nagaarum. «D.I.M.» is dedicated to the life and work of the great Russian scientist D. I. Mendeleev.

CD, 8 page booklet, jewel box, limited to 300 copies.


Black Whispers
«Shades Of Bleakness»

Joint release with Symbol Of Domination (Belarus) and Prison Tatt Records (USA). New album by international (Costa Rica / Italy / Mexico) Atmospheric Depressive Black Metal band Black Whispers. Melancholy, hopelessness, sadness and emptiness.

CD, 8-page booklet, clear-trayed jewel box, 500 copies.



Joint release with Silent Time Noise Records (Mirnyi, Russia). A debut album by USA-based Experimental Funeral Viking Doom Metal one-man-band. «Vikingløypa» is a long cosmic journey through Skandinavian mythology accompanied with great monolith sound and majestic atmosphere. Ancient legends revive.

CD, 4-page booklet, clear-trayed jewel box, 500 copies.


Enthroned Darkness
«Grim Symphony Of The Night»

Joint release with Silent Time Noise Records (Mirnyi, Russia) label. A new album by Italian Black Metal band Enthroned Darkness. «Grim Symphony Of The Night» music combines traditional Black Metal (including neo-classical and dark ambient fragments, “croaking vocals”) and Funeral Doom elements (total viscosity, symphonic keyboard-driven (instead of guitar) compositions). Interesting fact: music was inspired with Castlevania Saga computer game.

CD, 4-page booklet, black-trayed jewel box, 500 copies.


Alexander Nikolsky
“Twist of Fate”

This one was issued in 2013 as “Joint Release” with ourselves.
CD contains songs written and performed of the former homeless from Rostov-on-Don. In fact this is our social project implemented by the Ministry of Labour and Social Development of the Rostov region informal request. 12 life-affirming songs about happiness, love, friendship, dreams of the best.

CD, 8-page booklet, jewel box, 515 copies.